Commitment to Young People

Educating young people in the Christian faith is in the DNA of Carey.  Over the last century, Carey Hall’s residential ministry to UBC students, the CBWC denomination, colleges, and leadership training programs reflect our commitment to mentoring young people.

It is in our very genes to build young Christian leaders.

Relevant Theological Education

Today we recast the method of theological education for a new era and a new generation.

Taking into account available technology, quality faculty, the needs of our faith communities, and the educational experience desired by students, Carey is developing courses for students gain proficiency in new ways of communicating in our digital world.

Acknowledging that we live in a multi-cultural world, cutting-edge theological education requires that students prepare to live and work and thrive in a changing world while holding to a biblical foundation.   Our mentors, professors, adjunct professors at CAREY are developing courses that are being taught on the lower mainland.

Study Wherever You Are | Online Courses

Some young people are ready to jump into university education. Others may find themselves working in youth internships, camp leadership programs, church and para-church organizations. While learning practical skills and participating in these non-profit ministry settings, young adults can grow through distance education.  We are working to develop a way for students to study wherever they are with our courses.

Mentorship | Internship

We are developing a program includes a hands-on experience for students.

Experienced leaders and mentors in established ministries will assist students in making real-time application with the concepts they are learning in the online course environment.

In essence, a student leaves our program having not only built a relationship with an organization but completed a real project that serves the organization.   Students graduate with a portfolio or a body of work, a network of relationships in the industry as well as with a non-profit organization, and foundations to work for a church, non-profit organization, or business.

If you are a church or non-profit group that would like to be on our waiting list as a place for our undergraduate leadership and internship program, please contact us.

NON-PROFIT, BUSINESSES, CHURCHES:  Click here for an internship application form for a student to intern with you.

Build Your Faith while Building Practical Skills

Our program is meant for young people to explore the Christian faith while being equipped with essential skills in a post-secondary environment.

Student learn to:

  • Think critically about the Christian faith and World Religions
  • Wrestle with philosophy, communication, film, etc within a faith-based community
  • Examine what it means to be a believer in today’s culture
  • Learn to communicate in a non-profit organization and a business setting
  • Communicate clearly one’s heart and faith
  • Write, create, and build (via web design, social media, film, and/or graphics)

Leadership Development

Our vision is for all our undergraduate initiatives at CAREY to help develop young people as servant leaders.